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Private preview showings of Bam 6.6 have resulted in numerous comments, testimonials and feedback from people that have seen the film. Many responses were videotaped and available on a Testimonial Trailer DVD. Written testimonials are available upon request.

Viewers who provided testimonials included students and professors at UCLA and USC, filmmakers and artists, movie critics and members of Iranian-American organizations.

This page contains reviews and testimonials written by people who have attended the special screening of BAM 6.6 .


"The documentary Bam 6.6 moved me. Those whose lives were sent to heaven together with the American tourist were signs for us that we are all the same and there exists no boundaries between races and religions. Also, the hospitality shown to the American tourists was not a surprise to me, having been there myself. Iranians are synonymous with the word 'hospitality.' For Iranians, the color of your skin or your passport does not mean anything. What means to them more is that you, as a guest, automatically deserve the best of everything in their country."

- Sezgi Yalin, M.A.

CELTA Trainer/Co-ordinator
English Preparatory School
Eastern Mediterranean University / North Cyprus


"The documentary Bam 6.6, which I recently saw with some friends, is an extraordinary film. As a peace activist concerned about a possible war in Iran, I feel that this film could educate the public on how hospitable and generous the Iranians and Muslims really are.  This is a must see for all Americans who wish to learn more about this beautiful country, for there were spectacular shots of Isfahan, Bam, Persepolis, and Tehran which makes it a very cultural film as well. The film brings a profound message of hope and peace and we meet the real Iranian people. I hope other people will be able to see this remarkable documentary."

- Christine Hoppe



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February 15, 2007
Filmmaker uses catastrophe to build bridges

LAGUNA HILLS Jahangir Golestan-Parast still remembers how decades ago on a couple of occasions his principal shone the flashlight inside a dark movie theater and hauled him and his friends back to school.

The boys had skipped math classes in their native Isfahan, Iran, and snuck away to the local cinema, which showed classic American films with heroes like John Wayne and Charles Bronson, dubbed in Farsi.

February 20, 2008
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March 2008
Documentary “Bam 6.6” Premieres In Washington, DC




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