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Private preview showings of Bam 6.6 have resulted in numerous comments, testimonials and feedback from people that have seen the film. Many responses were videotaped and available on a Testimonial Trailer DVD. Written testimonials are available upon request.

Viewers who provided testimonials included students and professors at UCLA and USC, filmmakers and artists, movie critics and members of Iranian-American organizations.

This page contains reviews and testimonials written by people who have attended the special screening of BAM 6.6 .


"I wanted to thank you for your amazing job in making such a great documentary and introducing our nation to the rest of the world the way it really is. I truly believe that we unfortunately suffer from the lack of enough strong voices showing our real inside and for the first time (to my knowledge) this was beautifully done in your wonderful film. Hope this was the beginning and we are looking forward to seeing more in future. I once again thank you and your crew for all your efforts, with best regards..."

- Ahmad Alavi

"I had the pleasure of experiencing director Jahangir Golestan-Parast's absolutely touching film Bam 6.6 only one short week ago and I can say with certainty that my worldview is forever altered."

"I have seen many documentaries that attempt to provide significant messages to its viewers, but Golestan-Parast's documentary provides this message witha fresh style that is so brilliantly carried out that it will forever stand apart from and certainly above all other films. The astoundingly beautiful message of the film is enhanced and enriched by the absolutely flawless editing of Bill Woolery in his collaboration with director Jahangir."

"Though I am a young Iranian, it was not until I saw Bam 6.6 that I learned that that I descend from such a rich and gentle culture. The stunning compassion and care provided by doctors and citizens to Adele in Iran shocked and amazed me, but also made me feel honored to be Iranian. Bam 6.6 demonstrates and highlights a level of human compassion that is a rare and wonderful gift. Each passing moment of the film provides growing confidence in the fact that despite current misgivings about Iranian culture, tolerance is still very much a possibility and, with this film, very likely. What touched my heart most and changed me forever after viewing the documentary is the remarkable resilience of the human spirit—a treasure that Jahangir Golestan-Parast's work, effort and ever-present passion will document forever in history as well as in the heart of anyone that has the privilege of viewing Bam 6.6."

- Bita Djaghouri, UCLA Student


"We were extremely moved by BAM 6.6 HUMANITY HAS NO BORDERS. It simply showed the compassion and care of the Iranian people in helping an American tourist, in particular a Jewish American, who barely survived the earthquake. When we live in times when governments paint other countries in broad strokes of evil, this film brings home the reality that is often overlooked by newspaper headlines - the humanity and generosity of the Iranian people. In a time when there is talk of war we should not forget that the victims will be mostly innocent people."

" BAM 6.6 is well worth viewing as it makes a strong statement about our shared humanity."

- Mark & Jana Tuschman



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February 15, 2007
Filmmaker uses catastrophe to build bridges

LAGUNA HILLS Jahangir Golestan-Parast still remembers how decades ago on a couple of occasions his principal shone the flashlight inside a dark movie theater and hauled him and his friends back to school.

The boys had skipped math classes in their native Isfahan, Iran, and snuck away to the local cinema, which showed classic American films with heroes like John Wayne and Charles Bronson, dubbed in Farsi.

"Esfahan - Pearl of Iran" DVD cover
Click here to watch the trailer for the new documentary by Jahangir Golestan-Parast of the Iranian city, Esfahan.





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