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Private preview showings of Bam 6.6 have resulted in numerous comments, testimonials and feedback from people that have seen the film. Many responses were videotaped and available on a Testimonial Trailer DVD. Written testimonials are available upon request.

Viewers who provided testimonials included students and professors at UCLA and USC, filmmakers and artists, movie critics and members of Iranian-American organizations.

This page contains reviews and testimonials written by people who have attended the special screening of BAM 6.6 .


"I assumed it would put me in tears. I certainly did not think that it would bring any joy."

- Brian Appleton, Freelance Writer


"You have managed to capture the magnitude of the disaster in the context of the human drama ending on hope for the future of Humanity."

- Marc Amin, CEO Sobini Films / Lions Gate Entertainment


"A very touching, unique film."

- Jay Tavare, Award winning Actor


"By far the best, tactful, educated and touching Iranian film ever been filmed..."

- UCLA Iranian Student Group


"I think that for the first time a film has been made which accurately represents Persian people and their culture. I hope that Mr. Golestan will have great success with Bam 6.6 and many more such masterpieces".

- Badri Borghei, Persian Miniaturist


"A Great Humanistic film"

- Reza Badiyi, Director / Producer


"A Magnificent Story of Human compassion, love and understanding."

- Eyale Gordorn, NBC Director of Photography


"It is a great film, especially for the American public who do not know about the Iranian culture."

- Amanda Pope, USC School of Cinema & Television


"Truly a breathtaking film... a must see film."

- Homa Sarshar, Award winning Journalist


"A magnificent film of my homeland, Iran."

- Hossein Hedjazi, Program Director Radio 670AM, KIRN


"After viewing Bam 6.6 I could not stop thinking about how the world need more films like this film that reaches to very core of what really matters in this world, who we all really are, and what really brings us all together. Watch this film, your heart will thank you for it..."

- Claire Papin / Host and Producer of Lime Radio

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February 15, 2007
Filmmaker uses catastrophe to build bridges

LAGUNA HILLS Jahangir Golestan-Parast still remembers how decades ago on a couple of occasions his principal shone the flashlight inside a dark movie theater and hauled him and his friends back to school.

The boys had skipped math classes in their native Isfahan, Iran, and snuck away to the local cinema, which showed classic American films with heroes like John Wayne and Charles Bronson, dubbed in Farsi.

"Esfahan - Pearl of Iran" DVD cover
Click here to watch the trailer for the new documentary by Jahangir Golestan-Parast of the Iranian city, Esfahan.






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