BAM 6.6 transcends geopolitical differences with a simple message of love and hope amidst tragedy, unfolding through the story of two young American victims of this devastating earthquake. Set against a backdrop of death and destruction, BAM 6.6 captures the indomitable will of the human spirit and the pervasive and altruistic culture of Iranian hospitality, kindness and generosity.

Veteran film producer/director Jahangir Golestan-Parast, visually captures the horrendous destruction that took 50,000 lives and left tens of thousands injured, orphaned and homeless. Eschewing a sterile narration, Golestan tells the story of tragedy and resurrection through sequential and emotional interviews that allow viewers to draw their own conclusions on a first-hand basis.

BAM 6.6 introduces you to Tobb and Adele, the American tourists buried in the rubble, as you experience the personal and medical hospitality extended to Adele and her parents following Tobb's death. You will meet tour guide Farzaneh Khatame, who selflessly stayed with the American couple throughout their ordeal. You will experience the Iranian children as they find the inner resources to prevail over such overwhelming loss and destruction. You will come to realize the sacrifices made by Jilla Kashef as she works to help these children overcome their vulnerability and begin a journey of recovery.

Jahnagir's love of the ancient culture and architecture of Iran, formerly known as Persia, has been evidenced by his prior works. After the Bam earthquake, that love became a consuming passion to convey the true essence of Iranians, as manifested in their heroic efforts to survive and recover from this horrific calamity. Divested of ethnicity, nationality, religion, politics, age and gender, Jahangir tells the story of human love, concern, service and hospitality in hopes that future peace can evolve through understanding, knowledge and education. Jahangir prevailed in bringing this film to fruition during a difficult three and a half year journey that included the mortgaging of his home to shore up dwindling financial resources, numerous setbacks and discouragement.

The ruins of the 2,000-year-old Citadel may portray the outward face of the earthquake, but Bam 6.6 portrays the magnificent inner strengths of love, hope, kindness and human commonality. As reviewer Brian Appleton stated, �I assumed it would put me in tears�I certainly did not think that it would bring any joy.�

Bam 6.6 is an educational journey into human understanding!



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