Jahangir Golestan-Parast
A man of passion and vision
Jahangir Golestan-Parast. producer/director of “Bam 6.6”, was born in Isfahan*, Iran on April 4, 1951 and raised in a family of restaurateurs.
Leaving Iran at the age of 17, Jahangir pursued educational studies and business interests in London and France before finally settling in southern California 's Orange County .
He has lived in four countries and traveled to nearly 40 countries, which has provided a unique perspective on the many cultures that comprise today's world.
His desire to make films was initially kindled as a young teenager watching American films in Iranian movie theaters. Many years later, the personal abuses depicted in Sally Fields' “Not Without My Daughter” moved him to action. It solidified an overwhelming passion to inform and educate the world about the true texture of the Iranian culture and people.
As Jahangir was preparing to produce a new film, the Bam earthquake struck. As he experienced the worldwide outpouring of assistance, Jahangir realized that there was a story to be told. A story, not of devastation, but of hope. A story that could help ease ethnic tensions based on misunderstandings and unfounded beliefs. A story that would transcend geo-political differences. Despite numerous personal and financial difficulties over a three-year period, Jahangir was able to announce the completion of “Bam 6.6” during a Voice of America interview in December 2006.
Iran , a Video Journey (2000)
Bam 6.6 (2006)
“Bam 6.6” is a labor of love with a message of hope for the world. It is not about the devastation of a deadly earthquake. That is merely the backdrop to a story about the indomitable nature of the human spirit.

Today's world is in disarray. Coalitions are formed through political expediency and media manipulation. The worldwide result seems to generate disparate attitudes, as opposed to any ecumenical spirit of cohesion. Yet from prophets to philosophers to popes, the great minds of history have shown that individual interaction between two people is critical to harmonious resolution of difficulties.

That is why I produced “Bam 6.6”!

Iran , as an entity, has been depicted as a member of the “Axis of Evil” – a hotbed of Islamic extremism. The reality experienced by visitors to Iran is the complete opposite of today's media and geo-political positioning. Visitors to this country with its rich Persian history, and culture soon find that the population at large is extremely welcoming to visitors.

“Bam 6.6” shows, that the Iranian people are quick to share their homes and food with visitors from the Western World. It shows Iranian people who went out of their way to rescue Westerners trapped in the aftermath of the earthquake and provide medical relief as a duty incumbent upon them as hosts to those visiting the country. It shows people from around the world who came to assist the Iranian rescue efforts and the hospitality extended to them.

“Bam 6.6” is a testament to the human spirit. It is evidence that differences in culture need not create rifts between human beings on an individual basis. It is proof that there is a precious commonality between people that needs to be nurtured to fulfillment.

“Bam 6.6” is a story of hope and love set amidst the horrors of a major disaster.


- Jahangir Golestan-Parast

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