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Private preview showings of Bam 6.6 have resulted in numerous comments, testimonials and feedback from people that have seen the film. Many responses were videotaped and available on a Testimonial Trailer DVD. Written testimonials are available upon request.

Viewers who provided testimonials included students and professors at UCLA and USC, filmmakers and artists, movie critics and members of Iranian-American organizations.

This page contains reviews and testimonials written by people who have attended the special screening of BAM 6.6 .


"I think Bam 6.6 is a fantastic documentary film about the humanistic cohesiveness of mankind all over the world, regardless of ones political, geographical and/or religious limits and restrictions."

"We, Iranians, have always been proud of our culture and literary contributions. One great Persian poet wrote:

All men are members of the same body,

Created from one essence.

If fate brings suffering to one member,

The others cannot stay at rest.

You who remain indifferent,

To the burden of pain of others,

Do not deserve to be called Human. ( Sheikh Sa'di Shirazi , 1184-1291 AD)"

"In 2003, we witnessed a tragic disaster in Bam, where a sudden huge suffering surrounded and shook thousands of lives. People in Iran and everywhere else were in great shock. But people worldwide rushed to the aid of those who were devastated by this tragedy, in spite of the current geopolitical circumstances. I wished Sa'di were alive!"

"We had always been taught in our schools about the above Poem, but I had never quite understood its depth the way I experienced it in Bam."

"The Bam 6.6 movie, with great professionalism, depicts compassion, friendship, and love between people. It is heart-tearing to see what really happened, and it is encouraging to see how people helped each other as they felt they were all members of the same body , and they cannot stay at rest while others are suffering."

"Bam 6.6 shows the strong bond between humankind, and for me it is like a live interpretation of Sa'di's poem. It is a great film and I can imagine that everyone who knows of Sa'di and knows about Bam, will support the movie. We should have a copy of the film on display in our homes beside the Sa'di's and Hafez's books to show to family, friends, children and generations to come, as humanity and this movie would stay alive forever, like the great Persian poet Sheikh Sa'di Shirazi."

- Mohammad Shokouh-Amiri, M.D. / IAMA / Memphis, U.S.A. / June 17, 2007


"Dear Jahangir,

I am emailing you early on a Saturday (too early to call you, I think) as I am on my way out of town to celebrate my Aunt's 91st birthday."

"One of the participants in the UNAFF gave me some flyers announcing the film festival.  The flyer includes reference to Bam 6.6,  Now when people ask me about my trip to Iran and my impressions about the country, I hand them a flyer and tell them that if there is only one thing they do to learn more about Iran, it is to go to Stanford on October 27 and see Bam 6.6."

"Iran has been front and center in the news over the last few weeks.  Of course we all heard about Columbia University and the comments made by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad when he spoke there, Then there was the United Nations. Many news commentaries or articles about these events painted a rather stilted view of Iran, which, I believe, is a reaction to comments made by its preseident that may not have been accurately translated.  There is a lot of confusion/misunderstanding on the part of Americans about Iran and its people. In a recent issue of the New Yorker, Seymour Hersh revealed that the US government may be formulating plans for airstrikes on Iran.  All of this backdrop is worrisome to me.  I do think there is tremendous misunderstanding on the part of Americans about Iran and its people.  When I talk about my recent visit to Iran, some of my friends ask me whether I was worried about terrorists taking me hostage or harming me, and why did I choose to travel to such a dangerous country.  I show them my photos-- of beautiful and impressive historical spots, such as Persepolis and the smiling faces of the Iranians we met in response.  But, honestly, I think Bam 6.6 is the best answer I can possible give, so I now tell everyone I speak with about your movie and urge them to see it."

"I know that Bam 6.6 is not a "political" movie about the current situation in Iran; it does, however, portray in a way that my words cannot, the tremendous generosity and spirit of friendship and kindness of the Iranian people and their culture.  It reflects the experiences I had in being in Iran and engaging in conversation with Iranians, whether in Tehran, Tabriz, Khandovar, Shiraz, Yazd, Abeyenah, Kashan, or Esfahan.  I guess I can say that the movie transcends the political and reveals the real Iran through the actions of its people.  Bam 6.6 has even more importance in this period of discontent and disruption, especially in the Middle East.  My hope is that my fellow Americans who have not had an opportunity to visit Iran will at least think twice when a news commentator villifies the nation or characterizes its people as terroristic.  I think Bam 6.6 can help them see beyond the rhetoric and appreciate the extraordinary Iranian culture and its people--for whom kindness, compassion, friendship and generosity are simple the way of life."

"I truly appreciate the movie and hope that it can be shown throughout America."


Susan Hamilton



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February 15, 2007
Filmmaker uses catastrophe to build bridges

LAGUNA HILLS Jahangir Golestan-Parast still remembers how decades ago on a couple of occasions his principal shone the flashlight inside a dark movie theater and hauled him and his friends back to school.

The boys had skipped math classes in their native Isfahan, Iran, and snuck away to the local cinema, which showed classic American films with heroes like John Wayne and Charles Bronson, dubbed in Farsi.














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